This under-$30 app has been ranked best in meditation

          This under-$30 app has been ra...
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          With everything changing so quickly these days, we may feel like we need a mental reset. The Omvana Meditation App: 1-Yr Subscription is here to help you relax and unlock your full potential. This complete training program is designed to help you master and flex one of the most powerful organs in the body: the brain. Best yet, you can get it now at nearly 60% off.

          As featured on Forbes, CBS, The New York Times, and more, this powerful training app is not like the others. Backed up by some of the world's best personal growth teachers, Omvana's whole training method will improve performance in all areas of your life. Learn to elevate your productivity and focus levels, decrease your degree of stress, sleep better, and more.

          Named the Best Meditation App of 2019 by Healthline and rated 4.8/5 stars on the Google Play Store, this in-demand app takes you on a guided journey of meditation tracks, classes, lessons, and more that can be easily incorporated into your everyday routine. You'll be advised along the way with various tasks and assignments, helping you transcend into higher levels of consciousness and track your progress.

          Available on both iOS and Android, this meditation app will give you access to topics such as confidence and self-esteem, clarity of vision, and fitness and health, all complete with the tools and resources you need to further your progression throughout your mental trek. You'll even be able to customize your meditation tracks, creating a practice that is true to you.

          Usually priced at $59, a one-year subscription to the Omvana Meditation App is currently priced at only $24.99—that's nearly 60% off. Ease your mind and train your brain to focus with this game-changing app.

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