About New Atlas

          New Atlas has been celebrating innovation and human endeavor since our first website launched on March 1, 2002.

          Since then we’ve produced more than 50,000 articles covering advances in technology, science, transportation, architecture, design, and many other disciplines.

          Initially called Gizmag, we changed our name to New Atlas in 2016 to better reflect what we do. An atlas is a collection of maps, and maps are the tools we use to explore and define new frontiers. That's our mission at New Atlas: we want to trace the development of extraordinary ideas that move the world forward.

          We have a readership of approximately four million unique visitors a month, and more than 280,000 people receive our email newsletter each day. Our primary audience is in the USA, Canada and Europe, but we serve content daily to readers in 40 other countries.

          We subscribe to old school journalistic values and our editing and checking system has been developed over 17 years to ensure consistency and accuracy. We like long form articles where you can explain things properly, we respect and value the opinions of our readers, and we aim to inspire, not ridicule.

          New Atlas is published by Gizmag Pty Ltd.